Does X-Sec Malware Scanner compatible with other antivirus software?

Of course yes! X-Sec Malware Scanner is just a scanner, does not have real-time protection feature.

Why should I always keep my X-Sec Malware Scanner up to date?

Frequent updates ensure the best user experience and antivirus performance to detect and remove any new viruses.

How can I contact the X-Sec Antivirus Team?

Visit this page for more info or start live-chat from bottom right of our website pages!

X-Sec Malware Scanner found lots of threats in my computer, but I think they are safe, what should I do?

You can send these samples to us for analysis. Visit this page or send email to, you can also visit our forum to submit related samples.

How can I get X-Sec Malware Scanner to support my desired language?

Visit this page to help us translate X-Sec Malware Scanner!

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